About RG

I am a creative, enthusiastic and determined individual, who is keen to learn and develop.

I have a great thirst for knowledge with a capacity for performing in a fast paced, highly pressured environment.


09/09- Present: Royal Institute of British Architects (R.I.B.A.) Part I – The University of Nottingham School of Architecture

–       09/11- 06/11: Architecture (BArch)- Year 3

Architectural Design Studio 3

Integrated Design in Architecture 3

Architectural Humanities III: Critical Theory and Advanced Interpretation

Architectural Language and Spatial Narratives

Practice and Management

–       09/10-06/11: Architecture (BArch)- Year 2  (2:2)

Architectural Design Studio 2

Integrated Design in Architecture 2

Architectural Humanities 2

Environmental Science for Architects 2

Tectonics 2

–       09/09- 06/10: Architecture (BArch)- Year 1 (2:2)


Design Communication Techniques

Integrated Design in Architecture

History of Architecture 1

Environmental Design 1- people and Environment

Structures and Construction 1

09/96- 06/09: Geitonas School, Athens, Greece

–       09/08- 06/09: International Baccalaureate (37/45)





Modern Greek


Business Management

Work Experience

Gallery Assistant: 07/11- 08/11- Contemporary Greek Art Institute, Athens, Greece.

–       I developed an understanding of the powers of responsibility as I was entrusted with maintenance and ongoing documentation of the museum archives as well as the handling of delicate artifacts.

–       I was able to appreciate the issues which arise within a large organization and witness the dynamics the interactions between various departments.

Assistant Chemical Engineer :  12/10- 1/11- Ecotech Ltd- Environmental Engineering Projects, Athens Greece.

–       Assisted a chemical process engineer.

–       Assisted with field analysis as well as the development of waste water treatment products.

–       I gained a unique insight into the field of engineering.

Intern Architect: 06/08-07/08- Arsinoi ltd, Athens, Greece.

–       Shadowed a design architect.

–       Improved my CAD and technical drawing skills.

–       Entrusted to prepare documents for project authorisation and pre-production work, such as site analysis.

–       Visited construction sites and gained insight into the professional interactions between architects and builders.

Voluntary Work

Refugees Centre, Athens, Greece.

Care Home, Athens, Greece.

K.A.A.P.V (Orphanage for mentally handicapped),Athens, Greece.

ARCHELON, the Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece, Athens, Greece.

  Having conducted 300 hours of voluntary work at the institutes above has enabled  me to become more appreciative, understanding and responsible.

Additional Skills

Language Certificates:

–       English  –  Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE)

–       German –  Goethe Zertifikat B1- Zertifikat Deutsch

Computer Skills:

–       Capable of using Microsoft Office Tools, Photoshop, AUTOCAD 2D, AUTOCAD 3D, Google Sketch to a high standard

–       A basic understanding of Micro station, Rhino and Premiere Pro.

Other Creative Skills: 3D model making, photography and painting.

Extra Curricular Activities

Secretary of the Hellenic Society of the University of Nottingham

–       Responsible for organizing events.

–       Provided and input as to how the financial budget could be best utilised.

–       Established the value of the importance of teamwork

School of  Architecture Course Representative

–       Engage with the opinions of my course mates on a range of issues and relay concerns to the relevant personnel in the department office.

International Representative for University Hall’s of Residence StudentCommittee.

–       Listen to any problems and establish solutions to overcome difficulties.

–       Able to develop my interpersonal skills through assisting a range of people upon diverse issues.


Literature, photography, playing the guitar and singing as well as spending time with friends and family.


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